Renshaw Chartered Surveyors are property valuers, commercial property consultants and agents in Chesterfield, Sheffield and Bakewell.

What’s in a logo? Read this and find out…

There are times when the advice of other professionals, in disciplines very different to your own, has an impact greater than the sum of its parts.  That, in our view, is the essence of good professional advice.

We had this experience with the design team at est (eat sleep think).  We tasked them with developing a new logo, but what we received was an independent assessment of our practice, its history, ethos and goals, that I don’t think we would have had the honesty or courage to develop on our own.

We love the logo and the colours in which it is presented; we want our clients to know how and why our logo was developed, because we think it is the best way to get to know us.

The ‘R’ icon is a modern progression of an older logo; creating brand heritage from the surveying practice run by Mark’s father Michael Renshaw and Clive Robbins, which traded as Robbins Renshaw LLP; both Michael and Clive were Chesterfield based chartered surveyors for many years.

The logo’s three simple shapes come together to form the letter ‘R’ and show the profile of a person.  Having this reference at the heart of the icon shows the importance that people have in our business.

The icon is very open and the green is a positive ethical colour that conveys safety and our aspirations for client growth.

So, thank you again to Mike Marshall and the team at est.  Needless to say, we recommend est. to review your logo, marketing, or corporate presentation: you don’t know where that journey will lead you, but it will have a positive ending.